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SMG v SCO 2014
September 12, 2014  SMG v. SCO - Abused in Foster Care - 7 year old Child Sex Abuse in foster care - Damages Settlement with SCO Family of Services and NYC ACSbefore Magistrate Netburn in USDC, SDNY  - Federal Court compensation that will provide enrichment for his life from now age 9 until 29 to make up for the damages from sexual abuse due to improper supervision and delayed trauma treatment in foster care, and failed delayed documentation.
SMG vs. SCO and NYC ACS 14 Civ. 815 Manhattan Federal Court Judge Broderick USDJ and Magistrate Netburn - plaintiffs’ assert foster care agency SCO and ACS  same systemic failures were present in Fall 2012 when 7 year old boy SMG placed in a SCO foster care by ACS was repeatedly sexually abused, where the same revolving door of multiple social workers
inconsistently saw SMG but did not establish consistent care to listen for SMG's cries out from danger;  while abuse was ongoing they improperly cut off communication from his mother whose instinctual ability to protect could have stopped the harm. Once reported  SCO  minimized their role. 4 month delay instead of prompt Sex abuse trauma therapy. SCO gross deviation of record keeping. Instead of 5 days required entries, they delayed record entries 30 up to 54 days after the events, thereby minimizing the recorded details of their failures and prevented monitoring supervision. Foster care agency SCO Family of Services and ACS, acknowledge the sexual abuse took place in their foster home, but contested the causes of liability in the Federal lawsuit brought by  SMG 's attorney Bruce A Young, Esq. 646-775-8994 BruceAYoung181
CK v. Little Flower 2014 

Damage action filed in Federal Court against City of New York Administration for Children’s Services and  Little Flower Children's Services  for failure to protect a young girl while age 12- 14 while in protective foster care from sexual abuse.
Ck, now a young woman, who works hard to build emotional and physical stability in her life has brought  suit against   Little Flower Children's Services LFCS for repeated acts of sexual abuse and harm while placed in over 10 foster homes during a one year period while she was in foster care to protect for the purpose of protecting  her from harm.  ACS and Little Flower failed to provide an appropriate placement with appropriate therapeutic services and counseling so that instead of protecting her from harm, she was  repeatedly sexually retraumatized at age 12 -13.
 CK whose name is confidential by Court order brings her action for damages against the social workers  and officials whose deliberate indifference to her care allowed her to be repeatedly abused and placed in multiple foster homes and whose neglect of her medical care has resulted in her immediate and long term consequences 
Defendant were aware that the young girl had been sexually traumatized when she was taken in to foster care and failed to provide a secure therapeutic environment for her.
The  42 USC 1983 civil rights action seeks damages for defendants failure to protect in her while in State protective custody.  Her claim echos a  pattern of lawsuits against Little Flower who recently almost lost all 50 million foster care funding and the City ACS who recently paid out 14 million to person harmed through lack of foster care oversight.
The complaint CK v. Little Flower et al. 13 CIV 8589 in Manhattan seeks 3 million in damages against the City of New York and Little Flower for failure to properly inspect license and supervise the foster homes provided by Little Flower.
CK’s case is another case in the pattern of sexual abuse claims brought against Little Flower Children and Family Services and ACS from the lack of proper care to these vulnerable children that have exposed the       and 
For further information contact Plaintiff’s attorney Bruce A Young, Esq

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