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Stop and Frisk

RE: Stop and Frisk I Image Film Festival October 3 2016
Anthony Parent’s Film:  “Nothing Happened” Award Winning film on Stop and Frisk - 
Judge Shira Scheindlin’s Floyd decision 08 cv 1034 on “stop and frisk” plugged the black hole our vital youth were being sucked into the criminal justice system in 2011 at a rate of 685,000 a year, now reduced to 22,000 a year.
Anthony Parent created an award winning short 22 minute film from his experience walking down the street in NYC July 20, 2011 when he was wrongfully arrested. 
His Federal  action for wrongful arrest 42 U.S.C. § 1983 that was docketed before your Honor in Parent vs. City 12 CV 5616 received a modest settlement after mediation. 
The result demonstrates what his freedom, opportunity and initiative yield. 
Tony has created an award winning film Nothing Happened revealing the tragic comic harm when arrested for nothing arising out of the customary practice of constitutional stops and frisks without reasonable articulable suspicion required under our Fourth Amendment.
Anthony Parent now tells a story of a seemingly inconsequential harm :  walking down the street, drinking a cup of coffee in an unmarked cup, responding to police yelling “what’s in the cup” harassing him, arresting him, falsely claiming he had a warrant resulting in jail overnight, showing the long term consequences. 
“Nothing Happened” recently won the Grand Prize in the March on Washington Film Festival and was shown at the White House.  It was well received recently in the Harlem International Film Festival and will be screen October 3, 2016 at the Imagine Film Festival.
Obviously, the current political debate last night has reinvigorated the significance of the Floyd decision for which Anthony Parent thanks Judge Scheindlin.

A trailor and information about the film are attached.
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