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Member Spotlight - New York County Lawyers Association Newsletter

Tapping into Social Media An active NYCLA member for over 30 years,
Bruce A. Young shares how he has tapped into social media outlets to
revamp his law practice, offering insightful advice to readers looking
to use such mediums to impact various aspects of their career. I
learned from younger lawyers the benefits of using social media
outlets including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to advocate
and promote ideas, topics and news relevant to key areas of my law
practice. Although I am primarily advancing ideas about the law, being
active on social media is becoming a new, effective way for me to
build the presence of my law practice in the legal and child advocacy
communities.  I have extensive experience prosecuting civil damage
claims of child sexual abuse, defense of false allegations, child
custody litigation involving issues of parental alienation and child
sexual abuse, and recently utilized social media to draw on this
experience and the Pre-Post Penn State Child Sexual Abuse Scandalsto
help revive this strong area of my law practice. As news emerged
around this case, I tapped into the social media realm to lead
discussions in these areas and alert other lawyers and child advocates
of new developments.   Speaking out on social media channels
potentially provides access to a much wider audience and the dialogues
can be far more varied than presenting at the Bar. I have joined
various social media networking legal groups and I have learned to
measure and evaluate my visibility on LinkedIn so I have a means of
assessing my effectiveness in reaching others. Since communications on
social media have to be written concisely, I have learned to reduce my
word count when advancing ideas to highlight only my primary point. I
then offer a link to a page on my growing website
that increases the visibility of my 30 years of experience. At the
beginning of my career, my elder trial mentor Sidney Marks described
the practice of law as 75 percent law and 25 percent selling and
making your pitch. In the business of law, social media is becoming a
resourceful tool for advocacy within the ethical confines of our
profession. By refining our long winded complex discussions into the
brief word count to make our pitch, we take our advocacy one step
further into the evolving electronic age. Add to the conversation by
joining NYCLA on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
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