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Reform sex abuse in foster care
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Manhattan’s Greenwich Village gunfire sudden death justice for fugitive sex abuser of a 7 year old child. We want to know why ?
Another 7 year sex victim awaits justice now in Federal Court,  whose  perpetrator escaped prosecution and the foster care agency SCO failed to protect him. 
Shine the spotlight of public exposure from the Village tragedy to the shocking indifferent by the foster care agency SCO whose repeated failures allows vulnerable children to  silently suffer repeatedly.   SMG  v. SCO and CITY ACS 14 Civ. 815 (VSB)(SN) United States District Court, Southern District of New York . See Federal Complaint:
Foster care agency SCO Family of Services and ACS, acknowledge sexual abuse took place in their foster home. Prevent future tragedy. Raise public scrutiny of the systematic failures resulting in a 7 year old boy temporarily placed in a foster care being repeatedly sexually abused by a teenage perpetrator in a foster home supervised by SCO and ACS. SCO and ACS failed to:
--1.)  Placed 7 year old in foster home without proper assessment of  harm.
--2.)  Deaf social work did not listen for 7 year old cries for help from danger
--3)  SCO improperly blocked mother’s communication with her son while he was in danger.
–4.)  Revolving door 8 different social workers failed to communicate with victim or each other.
–5)   SCO and ACS delayed  4 months urgent trauma therapy for SMG, while victim suffered.
–6.) SCO and ACS failed to respond to police investigators after arrest, preventing  prosecution in Family Court of the perpetrator 
Sex abuse trauma has long lasting impact. Failure to prevent or treat the victim must be remedied. Failure to identify the harm by juvenile prosecution of the perpetrator leaves a latent cloud of future harm, as a present danger that may at any time explode with devastating consequences of further abuse or as it did recently See:  NYTimes 7-29-14 A16  3 Officers are Shot in Greenwich Village. Fugitive Killed who had molested 7 year old Boy.
SCO minimized and delayed recording from 30 to 54 days these embarrassing events, t
hat helped delay treatment, and prevented prosecution.  SCO  calculated failures were a deliberate indifference to the sexual abuse of SMG who they took on the responsibility to protect.
SMG now and in the future still requires mental health treatment to help him address and attempt to recover from the sexual abuse that he endured after the trauma of the sexual abuse.
The latent impact of a sex abuser evading treatment or any real consequences for his actions remains a ticking bomb that we hope does not explode again as the recent tragic consequences in Greenwich Village.
The ongoing public concern is that the lack of social work foster care reform may result in future injuries to other children if public scrutiny does not pressure change.
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