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The Law Office of Bruce A Young has worked to enforce collect and defend Child and Spousal support for over 35 years.

Bruce A Young, Esq.

Child support is a basic right to the custodial parent in New York  based on the parties’ financial circumstances determined by a judge or by agreement.  With 30 years experience litigating and settling and resolving child issues, the Law Office of Bruce A. Young can advocate with prompt efficient results your simple or complex matter in Family or Supreme court or Appellate court. 

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Attorneys Fees have often been obtained for enforcement. 

Range of Legal Services from Agreement to major litigation. We can help out of court settlements, obtaining initial orders, upward modification obtaining advance payments of support in bonds and security for Chronic  non-payment issues and aid in obtaining extra support child care costs, medical insurance, educational and college funds. 

Effective Prompt Enforcement Strategies have resulted in actual receipt of support through knowledge and effective use of all of the procedures available to  collect support  through wage execution, garnishment, seizure of property, liens against property and coordinated efforts with the Support Collection Unit, within New York, the US and throughout the world.

When the more  Complex case requires more extensive litigation experience allows the client to receive all available remedies for collection, bankruptcy, alter ego corporations and obtaining appellate review.  

The Law Office of Bruce A Young has had great success obtaining modification of Family Court orders at Trial before the Magistrate,  by objections to the Family Court Judge and Appellate Division  review. including the rare and difficult modification of even temporary orders through appellate review.

On the defense side, when hardship falls or circumstances change, this law office has had extensive experience in obtaining downward modification, whether wage earners and/or self-employment and has even obtained the rarity of cancellation of child support arrears finding the exception to the rules from the highest courts in the state.  See Grant v. Grant . 
These cases obtained warrants to compel attendance in court and interstate and international support collection. 

Parental Alienation:  I have litigated both sides of the issues involving parental alienation and visitation issues that affect child custody.  If you are an attorney who does not specialize in this area, this law office can provide services.

If you are a parent seeking support or involved in a complex case of enforcement or defending against unfair tactics and support orders the Law Office of Bruce A Young can help you with your legal needs. 

Bruce A Young, Esq.

Whether you are a parent seeking support, enforcement or defending unfair support orders or are an attorney who does not specialize in this area, this law office can provide prompt efficient legal services.

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